Saw Lung and Dead Bob!

It ruled

Two musicians perform on stage; one plays drums, the other sings into a microphone and plays an electric cello. The setting suggests a live concert with amplifiers in the background.

A musician plays guitar among concertgoers, illuminated by blue stage lighting, creating an immersive live music experience.

Woman singing into microphone on stage with a musician in the background, in a concert setting.

A person is singing into a microphone on stage, with intense expression, and is wearing a t-shirt that says “POUZZA FEST.

Three children look into a forested area with a river, near signs indicating restoration work and prohibiting entry. Text on signs: “AREA BEHIND THIS SIGN CLOSED FOR RESTORATION 36 CFR 261.53B” and “STOP”.

Aurora borealis streaks across a twilight sky above a silhouetted landscape with trees. found a pretty good spot to check out the aurora

went to las vegas

A towering, illuminated sign reads “Hard Rock Cafe,” set against a clear sky at twilight.

A neon-lit duck sign stands illuminated at night, providing a whimsical touch to a dark amusement park setting. No text visible.

A neon sign reads “lost Vegas” atop a stylized structure, set against a blue sky. Below are illuminated stars and an animated building façade with neon graphics.

A weathered “CASINO” sign, with bulb lights, rests on the ground in a neon-lit, outdoor museum setting at dusk. A smaller “OPEN” sign is visible in the foreground.

A large electric guitar sign with neon lights reads “Hard Rock” against a twilight sky, amidst other glowing amusement park attractions.

A weathered neon sign reads “El Cortes SHOWBOAT” against a clear sky, suggestive of a vintage establishment or a scrapyard of old signage.

A weathered, pink neon sign spelling “BINION against a clear sky, mounted on rusted structures suggests a retro or abandoned setting.

Vintage neon signs reading “Lady Luck” and “Fitzgeralds” stand against a twilight sky, implying a retro or decommissioned setting.

Large, illuminated letters affixed to a corrugated metal surface, under a clear blue sky with a contrail.

A large, weathered statue of a man leaning over a railing against a background of a colorful, cluttered scrapyard.

Rusted metal signage pieces, with peeling paint and visible bulbs, are piled chaotically against a clear sky with palm trees in the background.

Red neon sign depicting a cartoon figure in a running pose, carrying a bottle, against a clear sky; mounted on a metal structure.

A weathered hotel sign reads “Midtown HOTEL by REFRIGERATION” with faded and rusty letters against the sky.

Aged and weathered signage parts, with peeling paint and rust, are stacked against a clear sky.

An old, white neon sign shaped like the number 7 leans against rusted metal objects on a gravel ground, evoking a neglected industrial setting.

Weathered metal letters on a faded blue background possibly from a sign, exhibiting signs of age and disrepair.

A weathered sign reads “LAS VEGAS CLUB Casino Bar Restaurant,” showcasing faded and rusted letters against a decaying background, evoking nostalgia.

Weathered, oversized letters and illuminated signs, arranged haphazardly, create a vintage urban display set against a twilight sky.

A weathered, peeling red sign with partially dismantled letters against a clear blue sky.

Large, weathered signage letters, with peeling paint and bulbs, lie haphazardly against a clear sky background, suggesting a vintage or decommissioned outdoor sign collection.

A turquoise scooter with a sidecar, both outfitted with coffee-making equipment, parked on an urban street. Text on scooter: “FELIX ROASTING CO.

I love dumb shit like this…

took the little dude out to #onewheel on some trails for the first time, he was awesome, can’t wait to go out more with him

Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe playing an electric guitar on stage with moody stage lighting casting their shadow on the wall behind.

A black and white photo of Chelsea Wolfe singing into a microphone on a stage with dim lighting, with another person visible in the background.

A smartphone resting on a shelf showing a video with a dog in a brightly colored environment, with a purple and pink neon light background. The foreground shows the silhouette of a person’s head observing the smartphone screen.

went to the pissed jeans show but instead of watching the band I was watching the women in front of me livestreaming a poodle

had a dream last night where I was at a wedding reception or birthday party or something and Michael McDonald was the hired entertainment and he came out and sang Never Gonna Give You Up in that way only he could do

used to live here in 1997

A wooden door with glass panes, framed by ornate metalwork, marked with the number 235. An intercom and buzzers are on the left, a small white device is to the right, and notices are attached to the door.

NYC weekend with the doggz

A theatre program for a play titled “OH, MARY!” featuring Cole Escola as Mary Todd Lincoln, held up against a blurred background featuring an audience waiting, with a red stage curtain in the distance.

Black and white photo of a jazz trio performing at the Blue Note in New York, featuring a saxophonist, a pianist, and an upright bassist.

A storefront at night with illuminated windows, showcasing the name “C.I.A. ROSA & SON BREAD CO.” above. Warm light spills from the interior onto the sidewalk, casting a glow on urban elements like graffiti and street posters. There’s a horse inside the window.

Live band performing on stage with vibrant purple lighting, engaging with an audience that is visible in the foreground.

A silhouette of a musician singing into a microphone on stage with warm stage lighting in the background.

Two musicians from Shy, Low performing on stage, one singing and one playing an electric guitar, with dynamic lighting and smoke effects in the background.

Will Barron Trump Ever Stop Growing? - Slate

man I hope not

A pigeon perched on a window ledge outside a screen, with part of a faucet visible inside the room.

in new york city


man, this shit seems dorky but is legit ridiculously impressive…